About the School

The Snow Manjushree School was founded in 2014 by Buddhist monk Sonam Gyaltse Ghale (Lama Dhundup). He started this organisation to give unprivileged children from the remote Himalayan region around Nar and Phu (Manang District), Mustang and Ghorka the chance to receive quality education free of cost. At the moment the Kathmandu-based school is providing a full-board home like environment and education to more than 100 children in the age of 2-16 years old. The 14 older kids are going to the Rashmi Secondary School in Swoyambhu, Kathmandu. All the children are being offered the standard Nepali curriculum and receive additional classes in Tibetan (their mother tongue) and extra activities offered by international volunteers.

The aim is to educate the children in such a way that they can build a better standard of living for themselves and eventually to empower their own Himalayan communities.

Lama Dhundup wants to bring this unpriviledged children the opportunity to have a prosperous life, offering them a comprehensive 10-year curriculum that covers modern science and technology, humanities, languages and arts, as well as a steady training in Buddhist teachings and yoga.

About Sonam Gyaltse Ghale

Sonam Gyaltse Ghale (Buddhist name: Lama Dhundup) was born himself in Nar, a remote village tucked away in the Himalayas. His parents sold their only Yak to send Sonam to a monastery and school in Kathmandu. After finishing his traditional 3-year meditation retreat in North India Sonam studied to become Vajra Master at Karma Samten Ling Monastery.

When he became the school-principal for the same monastery families from his village contacted him. They requested Sonam to find free education for their children. He managed to send the first kids to the Tibetan Children Village School in Dharamsala (North India).

Upon this success more and more families from his own region (Nar/Phu – Manang District) requested Lama Dhundup to help their children find a good education. First he tried to place the children in different boarding schools, but often he received the message that there was no space. Trying to find a solution for these families seeking the best possible future for their children he decided to create a solution himself. And so in 2014 the Snow Manjushree School was born.

Why can't the children study in their home villages?

Unfortunately access to education of a satisfying quality is a common problem for the mountain villagers in Nepal. The communities are living from farming and are poor. For proper education the children need to travel far down into the valley. But the families don't have the financial means to send their children to these schools.

There are actually government schools in the villages, but most of these schools are very poorly run if not almost abandoned. Sadly teachers are mostly not showing up to teach and besides that not the full Nepali curriculum is being offered. Effect is that most of the families feel that they have to send their children to boarding schools across the country to give their children a chance for a different and brighter future than solely working on a farm.