Glance at life at Snow Manjushree School

In this recent video you can take a look at the life of the children who live and study at Snow Manjushree School.
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The importance of international volunteers

There are many ways to collaborate with Snow Manjushree School. Some time ago the school welcomed a volunteer, Grace Muller, who had the wonderful idea of doing some beautiful paintings on the walls outside the courtyard next the bathroom area.
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Help for reconstruction after monsoon damage

The rain during the monsoon season this past year in Nepal has been specially hard on us and has destroyed what we had to work so hard to build in Snow Manjushree School. A huge breach appeared in the

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Support from Sangha Activa and A Bordo del Mundo

Snow Manjushree School receives an extremely valuable support from different entities, as well as from individuals that privately contribute to the maintenance and future of this foster home. In this post we would like to talk to you about

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Welcome to the new Snow Manjushree School website!

Welcome to the new Snow Manjushree website!

Thanks to the effort of our friends from Dipe ( back in Spain and two tireless volunteers we are happy to show you our new website. Hopefully this new site

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