Help for reconstruction after monsoon damage

The rain during the monsoon season this past year in Nepal has been specially hard on us and has destroyed what we had to work so hard to build in Snow Manjushree School. A huge breach appeared in the playground and ended up producing a big landslide that put (and still puts) the security of the children in danger. The nepali authorities even considered evacuating the children to a monastery nearby, but they eventually were alowed to stay. Now it is necessary to secure the wall that supports the playground and rebuild the fence so the children can be safe when they play around.

The Lama Dhundup, though social networks, is still asking for financial help to be able to finish reconstruction. He needs to raise an important amount of funds, appart from the daily funds he needs to keep the school running and satisfy the need of the children. Here you can find a link where you can find infomation, pictures and ways to provide support. You can also find the relevant documents where you can see what is needed, what has been raised and what is left to do: