Support from Sangha Activa and A Bordo del Mundo

Snow Manjushree School receives an extremely valuable support from different entities, as well as from individuals that privately contribute to the maintenance and future of this foster home. In this post we would like to talk to you about these two collaborations: Shanga Activa and A Bordo del Mundo.

Shanga Activa is a Spanish Buddhist-inspired project for personal development. They provide a valuable collaboration with Snow Manjushree School through their social work, as they: 1) channel volunteering; 2) spread information about the project; 3) help possible sponsors to make contact with the school; and 4) helps with the provision of experts. Here you can find a link to their website (in Spanish) where they explain their partnership with our school:

Besides, A Bordo del Mundo is a travel blog with a responsible ethos, where Cristina and Patricia share their trips around the world and explain different social projects, and they place particular emphasis on Snow Manjushree School. They volunteered in the school themselves and in one of their posts they explain the foster home project and they offer to act as an intermediary to help anyone interested in providing help on the school premises contact Lama Dhundup. Here you can find very detailed information

The contribution and support received from this kind of entities raises awareness and spreads the word about Snow Manjushree School and allows us reach more people, so that those people can offer their help, either through a financial contribution, logistical assistance or volunteering. All the collaboration paths are crucial and very important to keep the school under optimum conditions and offer the best future possible to the children that live and study there. We would like to thank all these partners and encourage any other entity of individual that is interested in providing support to contact us through our contact page, Shanga Activa or the girls of A Bordo del Mundo. Everyone can do their bit and together we can make a difference for the children at the school who really need our help.