The importance of international volunteers

There are many ways to collaborate with Snow Manjushree School, both physically and remotely. Every volunteer is welcomed and can make a much-needed contribution. Some time ago the school welcomed a volunteer, Grace Muller, who had the wonderful idea of doing some beautiful paintings on the walls outside the courtyard next the bathroom area. The school children were happy to help and had a great time. In the paintings we can read these very important messages, which help the children learn a hygiene routine: “wash your hands” and “brush your teeth”. This volunteer also gave every one of them a small pack of basic hygiene products, like tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, etc.

This kind of initiatives are very beneficial to the children, especially now that due to COVID-19 this hygiene routine is more important than ever and the school struggles to cover all the basic need of the more than 100 children who live and study there. Due to coronavirus, there are barely any visits from international volunteers and donations and the school receives fewer donations, as it is a bit difficult to send financial help to Nepal from Europe and the US, and the children don’t receive these contributions when they need them most.

Please remember that, even if you aren’t able to visit the school, with just a couple clicks you can join our Teaming group and donate 1€ per month to help cover the basic need of the children and you can also make donations through the following channels:

Information for donations


By Banktransfer  
Bank name: Agricultural Development
Account name: Snow Manjushree School
Account number: 02-109-01439664-01-0

By Western Union
Name: Sonam Gyaltsen Ghale 
Id No: 1416
contact no: 9849247777
Add: Manang nar 4 Kathamandu Nepal